Are the Warriors the 2k16 Cavs?

Say the Warriors come back from a 3-1 deficit exactly like the Cavaliers did back in 2016, would the Warriors comeback be greater than the cavaliers?

Hell nah

For starters, at the time Golden State has three All Star players: Curry, Thompson, and Green while the Cavs had just LeBron and Kyrie. Sure I will admit 2016 was Tristan Thompson’s and Kevin Loves prime years in my opinion; however, Golden State has the momentum and the strength to pull out an easy championship. Next, the Cavaliers, midway through their season, fired their coach, David Blatt, to hire a new coach who ended up to be Ty Lue. That is someone who has never had the head coaching experience.

Sure the Warriors did have a chance to come back from a 3-1 deficit, only with Kevin Durant. Things did not work out too well though as KD ended up becoming injured for the second time this postseason. That means in all honesty I will admit the Warriors coming back from a 3-1 deficit without KD leaving them with only Klay and Curry would in fact be a better comeback than the 2016 Cavs. As a Cavs fan it does pain me to say that but the Warriors right now best player in the finals is Klay Thompson…over Curry…wth. Curry can’t do anything under pressure right now without KD as the whole Warriors organization was being greedy with Durant. Now say KD was healthy and fine, then NO, the Warriors 3-1 deficit would be nowhere close to as great as the Cavs as they would have three and a half All Stars(KD, Klay, Curry, somewhat Green) compared to only one and a half All Stars(Kawhi, and somewhat Lowry).

So that is my take on that debut, let’s hear what you guys have to say. Stay tuned for more, Bernie out. ✌️